Enjoy the Perks of Florida, Swat Free

It may seem as if summer never really ends in Florida, and that’s a big reason why so many people choose to spend their winter months living here. But just because we’re saying goodbye to summer on the calendar doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye to warmer temperatures and pesky mosquitoes. In South Florida, there are more months of warm weather ahead, and with the intense hurricane season the state has experienced, the rain and flooding left behind the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The Life Cycle of Mosquitoes

Row of Palm Trees with Blue SkyContinuing your sprays is really important for many reasons. Ending your sprays early not only breaks the barrier allowing adult mosquitoes to enter your yard, it also gives mosquitoes a chance to breed. The time it takes a mosquito to complete the life cycle is 4-7 days. From the time a female lays her eggs to those eggs becoming biting adults is less than a week. Mosquitoes are tricky creatures – they only need water and temperatures above 50 degrees to hatch. South Florida temperatures rarely get below 60 degrees during the winter! You might think the calendaring signaling the end of summer means the end of mosquitoes too, but stopping your mosquito control treatments can backfire and leave you swatting your way through the winter months.

Mosquitoes: Master Breeders

If you end your sprays early, it gives female mosquitoes a chance to not only make your yard a home, but also lay more eggs for future hatching. Continuing your mosquito treatment spray is vitally important to make sure mosquitoes aren’t around to spread diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya and West Nile virus, just to name a few. Along with the barrier spray, our technicians can treat areas of standing water that are unavoidable, such as pool covers, storm drains, or holes in trees. With proper treatment of these areas, it ensures they’ll stay clear of mosquito larvae. If you have any questions about mosquitoes in your area, give us a call at 786-516-2488 and we’ll be happy to help you.